About Advance Epoxy Flooring

Who We Are

Advance Epoxy Flooring has been in the tough market of inside flooring for over 20 years now and the fact that we have lasted so long testifies that every floor we install, be it inside flooring or commercial safety flooring, is of the highest quality there is.

What sets us apart from all the rest is precisely this quality of work that we do accompanied with the fastest service found in Sydney.

Within these 20 years in indoor flooring and commercial safety flooring, our list of satisfied clients have been constantly expanding to include a plenty of well-known Australian names, some of them being Westfields, Woolworths, Coles and Marketplace.

As the best inside flooring service providers, our team consists of highly educated and perfection-driven individuals who are on a constant look out for new techniques employed for inside floor instalment in residential and commercial properties. You will find our staff quite friendly and ready to fulfil all your requirements in record time. Advance Epoxy Flooring staff pays special attention to every detail and takes time first to thoroughly understand your needs and come up with the solution that suits your lifestyle the best.

We are here to ensure that the inside flooring of your house or office is safe, healthy and durable. From hospitals to clubs, hotels to residential homes, we are there with the sole purpose and that is to meet all your requirements and provide the safe and aesthetically appealing flooring by using only the best materials available in the market. Our portfolio includes providing inside flooring services to:

  • Bakeries
  • Indoor pools
  • Showrooms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Garage Floors
  • Hospitals
  • Kitchens
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Clubs
  • Hotels

As the one-stop solution, Advance Epoxy Flooring has specialised in:

  • Epoxy flooring
  • Epirez epoxy resins
  • All Prep and floor grinding
  • Concrete sealing
  • Polished concrete
  • Jointing
  • Garage flooring & resurfacing
  • Hotels flooring
  • Kitchens flooring
  • Inside pools flooring
  • Inside footpaths resurfacing
  • Nuplex PTY LTD/ Vinyl ester/ Sureshield Resin

What to expect when you hire Advance Epoxy Flooring:

Durable, aesthetically pleasing and above all safe floors
The highest quality materials
Professional and the fastest service inSydney
Dedicated staff who are ready to meet all your requirements
Attention to details
20 years of experience
For all those in search of the inside flooring or commercial safety flooring, please contact us, as we can provide the solution to any problem that you might have regarding your floors.

Advance Epoxy Flooring is here for your safety and durability of your floors.